Shavuos Up All Night, 2020
Jews for Racial and Economic Justice Purim 2020
Free Them All, 2020
Claude Cahun

Claude Cahun for Radical Jewish Calendar 5780

Mones Not Drones

"Mones Not Drones" for Queer Trans War Ban 2019

Sex Work is Work

Sex Work is Work, Fundraiser for Third Wave Fund, 2018.

Bread and Roses

"The Worker Must Have Bread But She Must Have Roses Too" Radical Jewish Calendar 5778

Radical Jewish Calendar 5777

Radical Jewish Calendar cover 5777

Apiary Magazine Valentine 2017

Apiary Magazine Valentine 2017

JFREJ Awards

JFREJ Awards art, 2018.

Who Is Looking

"Who Is Looking/ What is the Human", 2017.

Visionary of Vessels

"Visionary of Vessels" tarot card for the Slow Holler deck, 2017.

Give Care Take Care

"Give Care Take Care" Pulse Fundraiser, 2016.

Protection from Codependency

"Protection from Codependency" 2016.

Defiant Archives

"Defiant Archives" flier, 2015.

What To Keep

"What to Keep," Muzzle Magazine, 2014.

Philadelphia Feminist Zinefest

Philadelphia Feminist Zinefest, 2014.

A Post-College Flow Chart

"A Post-College Flow Chart of Misery and Pain" featured in Shareable Magazine and on the NYT Opinionator Blog, 2011.